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A few years ago in Sacramento, California, a Great Dane was named by the Guinness Book of World Records as being the tallest dog -- in the world!

The dog is a 7 foot male Harlequin Great Dane named Gibson. He is owned by Sandy Hall.

Hall has been a fan of Great Danes for decades. She's owned at least one consistently for over 25 years - since 1981 in fact.

You really have got to see this dog to believe it. He's so big he makes the typical Golden Retriever look like a stuffed animal!

At one point, Gibson weighed in at 170 pounds. The giant dog is licensed for both service and therapy, and he visits senior centers and children's hospitals from time to time.

If you're a real fan of Gibson, you might want to get Gibson Speaks!, a book about the tall Great Dane's life written in a style suitable for children of all ages.

This dog really gets around. Gibson has had meetings with celebrities all over the world! He's even been on pretty much every talk show you can think of -- Oprah, Larry King Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno -- this dog is a celebrity in his own right!

Don't be too quick to judge Gibson as being famous for nothing. He deserves his fame for three reasons: his big size, his big heart, and the big smile he brings to people's faces!
7 foot great dane

For all you super fans, you can get your very own Great Dane puppy, just like Gibson!

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